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As a creative outlet is a founding partner and Director of the Ministry of Art gallery and also develops Art Inspired By Music. 

Please enquire about works available for sale or hire. 

I bought a very early artwork of Andrew's back in 2008 when he was still finding his creative groove. We have a shared passion of live music and running music events stretching back to our teenage years so when that passion started to find it's expression in his artwork, I knew I needed a piece on the wall of my new apartment. I find a release in surfing whilst Ruttsy finds a release in his music and art. Follow your passion!!

My husband and I thought the Ruttsy web site was so good we just had to take a look at his home gallery. His pieces are fabulous and there is a story behind everyone. Ruttsy uses his love of music to inspire his creations. We purchased a beautiful painting for our formal living room and everyone who walks in loves it as do we. Last night some dinner guests were talking about having just seen Ruttsy's web site. They asked to see our piece and thought it was really good, very textural, layered and they thought it made the room pop and come alive!. Yes it does!. They are wanting to see his other pieces now and they'd be mad if they didn't. Keep creating Ruttsy!.

Stuart Gibson

Carolyn Williams

I have worked with Andrew for many years and have known of his love of music for some time. His creative extension into Art has been a relatively recent development and I was genuinely impressed when I saw his website and his artworks. I bought "Oceanside" as a perfect fit for our holiday home in Lorne overlooking the seaside

Phil Butterworth


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