Do you have clear goals for your life after you retire? Do you know how to fill your life with reason and meaning? What legacy will you leave to the world?

My Future’s So Bright…I Gotta Wear Shades is a practical workbook including 18 fun but life changing exercises, a signature Goal Setting tool, Planning checklists and Bucket List ideas designed and built for those seeking to live their best life in Retirement.

Some of the learnings you can expect to get from the book are as follows;

  • Frameworks to help you define your Purpose.

  • Concepts to assist your Self-Belief.

  • How to develop a Roadmap to achieve your dreams.

  • Powerful Goal setting frameworks.

  • Alternate ways of defining retirement.

  • Your relationship with money.

  • How to build a Bucket List.

You can get a hold of the book via these sites: Amazon   Booktopia   Barnes & Noble

“The purpose of our lives is to be happy”  – Dalai Lama

I recently chatted with Michael Lawes from the Allied Adviser Podcast about the importance of seeking reason and meaning in retirement, and about my new book - "My Future's so Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades".


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I also recently chatted with Simon Russell (an author, speaker and consultant in the field of behavioural finance) on the psychology of retirement.
We discussed a handful of retirement-related issues drawn from the intersection of his and my books on the topic:
* Ways to “reframe” retirement. Why thinking about it as one of a series of life transitions can help.
* Retirement mindsets. Do we need to wait ‘til retirement to enjoy life? How should we think about trade-offs with our time & happiness?
* Leaving a legacy. Should we be concerned about what goes on our tombstone, or just let it go?
* Some challenges. What if you want to pass on your wisdom, but nobody wants to listen? For whose benefit is this wisdom transfer?
* The role of planning. How detailed and specific should a plan be, versus flexible and vague? Should it be short or long-term?
* Understanding motivation. Do I really need to know why I like watching the waves crash on the beach, or feel satisfaction from climbing a mountain?

The conversation is relevant for super funds, financial advisers and people thinking about their own future retirement. The podcast can be found here;


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