Music Business Education

Are you a musician, singer or songwriter wanting to up your game, or someone looking to break into the business side of the music industry?


Music Business Education courses have been designed to provide students with no-nonsense, no-hype, accurate and current knowledge about the realities and operations of the music industry.


You will learn the structure, roles and realities of the industry, in the language used by industry insiders, and the proven practices used by successful participants in the industry. 


The full course features 44 modules and is a comprehensive series of online music business classes covering all aspects of the live and recorded music industries. The course has been designed by a professional educator who has also successfully worked in the music industry.


Previous students have gone on to land jobs at Mushroom Records, Lemon Tree Management, Native Tongue Publishing, Triple J, Live Nation, UNFD, 123 Agency and more. Artists have gone on to execute and plan successful releases, tour and book festival placements and take control of their careers.