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Walk Like A Giant

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

I saw Neil Young at Austin City Limits in 2012. I went over to the US & to ACL specifically to see him so it was kinda like a pligrimage. To end up 30 metres away when Crazy Horse hit stage on a warm Texas evening with an elegant sufficiency of vodka and beers under my belt, was pretty much heaven on a stick for me. I knew the Psychadelic Pill album was just out but I hadn’t heard a track yet. It was a deliberate strategy as 10 years earlier I saw Neil perform Greendale before I bought the album and was blown away, so I was kinda hoping history would repeat.

When I heard Ramada Inn it instantly felt like a classic, but when Crazy Horse did Walk Like a Giant it was monumental, cataclismic, awe-inspiring and just about the highlight of the entire gig for me – 18+ minutes of great stuff.

It’s not always about the lyrics with Neil for me, it’s mainly about the riff, the feel and interplay between Crazy Horse, but the lyrics in this one are consistent with Neil’s eco-friendly view (read his book Waging Heavy Peace to get an insight into LincVolt).

Great lyric; Tried to have for long and strain / We were riding on a desert wind / We were pulling in the spiritual / Riding on the desert wind / We could see it in the distance / Getting closer every minute / We saw the lights and spiritual shining / Getting closer every minute / Then we skipped the rails, and we started to fail / And we folded you, and it’s not enough / Think about how close we came / I wanna walk like a giant on the land / I wanna walk like a giant on the land

But an even greater song. Do yourself a favour, check this out…….sublime!!!!!!

Yours in Neil Ruttsy

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